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Vasilev Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services to Bulgarian and foreign clients. The team consists of lawyers with long-term experience and practice in Bulgarian and European law. We offer flexible legal solutions and strategies that have stood the test of time and are built on top of our extensive experience. The firm works in compliance with the principles of confidentiality of information, and applies flexibility, individual approach towards any customer, thorough and detailed study of each case, awareness and proper interaction with the client. We offer first-class legal services and accurate fulfillment of any commitments. We speak a number of foreign languages: English, German and Russian. Our business is based on good legal practices and strict principles that have established the name of our firm on the legal services market.

Individual approach towards every case

We consider the individual particulars of the case of each of our clients. Each case is examined not only based on our experience, but also on the grounds of the most up-to-date Bulgarian and European practice. Besides standard legal solutions we also draw up strictly individual concepts and strategies, depending on the specifics and complexity of any particular case. 

Client awareness and dynamic feedback

One of the greatest advantages of our firm is the establishment of a good dialogue with any client. We maintain regular contacts with our customers and we take into consideration their preferences and suggestions. We use a unique legal case filing system and we are able to inform our customers at any time about the development stage of their case. We always encourage our customers to contact us when they have questions and suggestions to us. This way we offer them a service that meets their needs and creates a high and uncompromised level of attention.

Professionalism and creativity

In our work we rely on tested and proven good legal practices and we are aiming to apply them for the success of our customers. Our access to up-to-date information and our constant complementing of knowledge is our most powerful tool. Although we are renowned professionals, we constantly strive to improve and protect the rights of those who trust us in the best possible way. Very often our creativity is a guarantee for successful resolution of a case and covering of our client’s interests.

If you are in a complex legal situation, a lawsuit is ahead of you, you receive inaccurate legal advice or you just need a legal service, then contact my firm. We offer the following services:

Legal representation and assistance in court and arbitration

Legal consultancy, representation and legal services in civil, commercial, labor, administrative, insurance, tax, criminal, immigration law and foreign investment; Representation and defense in court, arbitration, prosecution, investigation and police of citizens and traders in various types of lawsuits and cases; Legal representation and defense of clients before international courts – the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and other international judicial institutions.

Legal servicing of commercial entities

Comprehensive legal servicing of commercial entities; Long-term experience in the area of corporate services; Establishment and registration of companies; Legal services on business activity; Continuous legal services under a subscription agreement; Preparation of various types of commercial contracts, providing legal advice and assistance in real estate transactions and foreign investments; Effective legal strategies regarding company indebtedness; Tax planning and tax protection of companies; Legal saving of taxes; Use of various effective methods for collection of overdue trade receivables - preliminary injunctions, claim procedures, issuing claim orders for immediate execution, notarized contracts, collecting debts through bankruptcy proceedings; Provision of legal representation to companies in liquidation and bankruptcy procedures; Protection against unfair competition.

Taxation law

Long-term experience and extensive practice in tax legislation; Tax optimization and tax planning; Legal defense and assistance in tax audits and revisions, VAT refund; determining the amount of tax on commercial transactions, VAT registration, filing objections before courts and against audit reports and tax assessments documents, appealing for administrative and penal rulings by the National Revenue Agency and others; Tax tips, advice and strategies for successful tax policy of any company and legal saving of due taxes.

Insurance law

The law firm specializes in insurance law; Claims against insurers for payment of insurance compensations; Legal assistance and protection of the rights of victims of road accidents; Legal consultancy and legal representation in court for compensation from Casco and Civil Liability Insurance; Legal defense and assistance to harmed persons in cases of death or injuries from road accidents; Filing of claims against insurers as per Life Insurance and other types of insurance.

Immigration law

Legal aid and assistance in any administrative procedures for issuing short-stay visas, work permits, student and business visas, type D visas for long-term residence in the Republic of Bulgaria; Consulting in obtaining a permit for continuous and permanent residence in the Republic of Bulgaria, certificates and residence cards; Legal assistance and representation for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship; Starting business by foreigners; Registration of companies; Profitable purchase of properties and businesses; Provision of tax and legal address; Fully comprehensive servicing and consulting businesses on tax and customs regimes, recruitment, construction, industrial and intellectual property, litigation and arbitration; Certification of foreign investment projects; Legal defense against unfair competition.

Foreign investments in Republic of Bulgaria

We provide comprehensive legal services to foreign citizens and foreign legal entities wishing to invest on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, respectively, within the European Union; Legal aid and assistance in starting and organizing your profitable business in Bulgaria with the necessary legal form for this; Establishment and registration of legal entities or companies; Advantageous investments in profitable and promising Bulgarian enterprises with the relevant legal due diligence and financial analysis; Permanent residence in Bulgaria for you and your employees; Fulfillment of your ideas and organization of your business in Bulgaria; Familiarization with the conditions for doing business in Bulgaria; Offering interesting and attractive real properties for investment purposes; Hiring competent and qualified local personnel; Tax Optimization and minimizing costs and taxes in your business to make more profitable reinvestment in Bulgaria or another country. We will offer legal safety, as our attorneys represent you before all state institutions, and protect your interests in all possible cases of any nature in relation to your activities.

Labor law

Extensive experience in labor law; Legal aid and assistance to clients in the field of labor law; Servicing of employers and consultancy in preparation, termination of employment agreements and labor relations; Drawing up of all required labor documents for the activity of employers; Providing legal defense to workers against unlawful dismissal and disciplinary penalties, reinstatement and obtaining employment benefits; Defense against inspections by the Labor Inspectorate; Healthy and safe working conditions.

Family and inheritance law

Legal assistance and advice upon implementation of the new Family Code effective as of 21.12.2010 in drawing up marriage agreements, divorce by mutual consent and claim order, claims of origin, adoptions, recognition, alimony cases and parental rights; Consultations on inheritance and succession relations; Judicial procedures on inheritances; Drawing up wills; Waivers of inheritance; Adoption of a heritage inventory; Performing partition of inheritance.

Real estate legislation and transactions

During the years of high investment growth and real estate transactions within the period 2004-2008 the firm gained broad experience in real estate transactions and real right relations.

The firm offers complete legal service in the real estate area and assistance in carrying out real estate transactions – drawing up of title deeds, verifications on encumbrances, research on the rights of the transferor / seller, complete examination of the records of the Land Registry, supplying a certificate of charges, tax assessment, a certificate by the cadastre, providing a Notary Public for finalizing the deal in a particular time - quickly and efficiently; Legal services and research of real properties available for sale at a public auction in enforcement cases and properties belonging to companies declared bankrupt.

Criminal and administrative law

Legal assistance and court defense of defendants, detainees and suspects in criminal cases - conclusion of agreements with the prosecutor’s office, defense in taking security measures, defense upon attracting an accused person and counsel in pre-trial and judicial penal proceedings related to various types of crimes as per the Penal Code; Customer service in the area of administrative law and administrative process; Defense of customers affected by illegal administrative acts and penal enactments of state bodies and public administration; Legal aid and assistance in fulfilling the responsibility of the state and municipalities for damages caused by unlawful acts and actions of the administration.

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