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The TV show “Court Dispute” dated 23.09.2012 - episode 86, with the impressive name: “They adopted my child” was a very interesting case with my participation, according to comments of friends and acquaintances. The episode examined the complex relationship between a parent and a child in its moral, ethical, and legal aspects, viewed through the relevant legislation that applies to the current case and its peculiarities. The case proved to be a delicate and difficult one for the mother who had not taken adequate care for the child and could not have provided an appropriate environment in which it could be nurtured and it could grow. However, I was morally satisfied that after the TV show I could still explain to her what rights she had and what she could do to preserve her relationship with her daughter and protect her rights as a mother in the future.

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The Day from Close View with Maria Andonova - November 12, 2012

I was a guest in the TV show “The Day from Close View” with Maria Andonova and we discussed issues related to labor and insurance rights of employees and employers. Anyone interested can see our conversation by following this link this link

Commenting on Interpretative Ruling No 1 dated 26.02.2014 in the evening issue of “News 7”

On 28.02.2014 in the evening issue of “News 7” I commented on the legal aspects and consequences of Interpretative Ruling No 1 dated 26.02.2014 as per interpretative case No 1 dated 2013 of the Supreme Administrative Court..

An interpretative ruling essentially examines the legality of establishing violations with mobile cameras on the roads. The Supreme Administrative Court ruled whether based on Art. 189, para. 4 of the Road Traffic Act a technical device establishing and capturing violation should be installed only in a stationary way or it can also be mobile. The ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court stated that the according to the hypothesis of Art. 189, para. 4 of the Road Traffic Act, identification and recording of an offense can be implemented only with a stationary technical device that had been previously marked and function automatically in the absence of a supervisory body.

The TV Show “Court Dispute” dated 01.03.2013 - Episode 191

On 01.03.2014 I participated as a public defender of the defendant in episode 191 of the TV Show “Court Dispute”, entitled “I was deceived by BGN 270,000”. The claimant Galina Velidolska was misled in a fraud scheme by defendant Margarita Georgieva to conduct joint business - importing of toys from China. To fund the common business Galina Velidolska was asked by the defendant to mortgage her two residences in Varna in favor of the two companies, as Galina herself had been a manager of one of them. Two large bank credits had been acquired, as payment of installments was subsequently ceased by the companies and Galina had fallen into a deadlock situation and the threat of losing her properties. On this occasion she contacted the television and the TV show “Court Dispute” in order to gain publicity for her problems and in search of a way out of the current difficult situation.

The TV Show “Civil Control”

On 24.04.2014 I was invited in the TV show “Civil Control”. We were examining the leading theme “The small person against the system”. I think that was a very successful and appropriate topic for the time and the country we live in, because each one of us has faced the system that feeds and tolerates any administrative disorders, bureaucracy obstacles and formalism of any kind, which cause suffering of ordinary people. In this case we were talking about the civil and labor rights of mothers - one of the most vulnerable groups in our society.

The legal-themed TV show “Directly on Legal Affairs” dated 01.07.2014, on “Skat” television

I was invited as a guest in the show, where me and the host and lawyer Maria Koleva discussed insurance issues and whether our bank deposits are guaranteed, in relation to the status of Corporate Commercial Bank.

The morning issue of “Hristo Botev” radio dated 07.17.2014

In my capacity of a specialist in insurance law I answered questions of the hosts on paying benefits under Motor Vehicle Insurance in connection to the damages of the hail of 08.07.2014. I was explaining the rights of harmed people and their opportunities for juridical filing of claims in case the insurer refuses to pay.

The TV Show “Court Dispute” - Episode 228 “My daughter is harassing me” dated 06.09.2014

I appeared in the show at the position of a public defender of the daughter, as in the show we were examining a complex set of intertwined emotional, family and property relations and connections. Particularly dramatic and interesting for the viewers was the emotional relationship between the mother and daughter and their story.

Watch the video by following this link: Court Dispute – Episode 228 with Lawyer Hristo Vasilev