15 years lawyer EN


I was born on 24.09.1973 in Sofia City. I have been registered as a lawyer at the Sofia Bar Association since 02.10.2002 under personal number 1000410610. In 2000 I graduated with honors, majoring in Law (GPA Excellent 6.00 (A) on the State Examinations) at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. In 2012 I became a member of the International Bar Association, headquartered in London.

My legal practice is secured by the compulsory insurance "Professional Liability". After graduation I worked at the position of a legal expert and advisor – at first at the Privatization Agency, and later at “DZI - General Insurance” JSC; and then, as a legal advisor in chief at the Ministry of Education - Regional Inspectorate.

I currently provide legal representation both in front of Bulgarian and international legal institutions – the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg; the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, international arbitration courts, and others.

Scientific career and lecturing

When I graduated I acquired the specialization: “Administration of Justice”, which provides an excellent preparation for working in the legal system. My further education includes also international specializations within the following certificates: “European Business Law” – University “Lund”, Switzerland (Faculty of Law, Lund University). “Introduction in American Law” – University of Pennsylvania Law school, Philadelphia.

My love for science and research made me go back to the university as a doctoral student and a freelance lecturer.

In 2015 I successfully completed my PhD in Civil Procedure Law at Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski” with my thesis entitled “Proof in Appeal Procedures in a Civil Litigation Process”.

I am currently a lecturer in civil procedure law at the Institute of Public Administration and European Integration at the Council of Ministers. I conduct seminars as a freelance lecturer in contractual law /debt collection/ and labor law. I am often a guest in multiple TV shows discussing legal issues.

Career and lawyer’s vocation

Over the years I became highly experienced in the area of commercial, labor, administrative, insurance, tax and criminal law. I consider my practice extremely successful. During the past 13 years of legal practice, I won important cases and solved multiple problems. All of these fill me up with satisfaction and pride.Over the years of development of my legal practice I realized that a good lawyer must practice their profession responsibly and consider it their calling, and constantly enrich their knowledge and improve in the particulars of the profession. I can offer my clients competence, professionalism, deeper understanding of their issues, various flexible options for their solving, and due fulfillment of any commitments.

I have provided services to both major corporations and ordinary citizens, but I believe that every client is equally important and deserves due attention and care.

I believe that professionalism in combination with good intentions and competent conduct of cases lead to excellent results and adequate protection of the client’s interests.